Pre- and Postnatal Body in Movement (Teacher’s Workshop)


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Join Sophie, for a workshop on pre- and postnatal bodies, and how this might affect a yoga or movement practice.

In this workshop, Sophie will take you through the three trimesters of pregnancy; how a woman’s body changes; common complaints throughout this time; how this may alter her practice; and, most importantly, what alternatives you can offer her during your class. You will also look at the three months following birth – known as the fourth trimester – and learn how to help a woman adapt her practice to suit this stage.

What we will cover

  • The pregnant body: trimesters 1 – 3
  • Labour, and how this can affect recovery times
  • The postnatal body: trimester 4
  • Alternatives to common postures and sections of a yoga class throughout all trimesters

During this workshop, you’ll work in small groups to come up with sequences for the group to suggest how a pregnant or postnatal lady might adapt it to suit the pre- or postnatal stage they are in.

Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in, and bring a pen, paper and any questions you may have!

Suitable for qualified yoga teachers. If you aren’t a yoga teacher but wish to attend, please first email