A personal approach to guide you through the ups and downs of pregnancy, to leave you feeling calm and prepared for the labour.

  • Pregnancy Support

    Who is this for? 

    Life doesn’t slow down just because you are pregnant (unfortunately!). Hospital appointments, antenatal appointments and preparing for birth – they don’t stop. This personal service guides you through this time, whether that means attending appointments with you or piecing all the info together. 

    How does it work? 

    We will start to work together from when you say so. You will be delivered fact-based, unbiased information to take with you during your pregnancy. We will go over hospital and midwife appointments and questions, draw your birth wishes together and pack your home or hospital birth bag.

    This is a five-week programme designed to leave you feeling fully prepared, excited and peaceful about the journey ahead. Think of it as enjoying the benefits of a doula without a doula attending your birth. 


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  • Toolkit session

    Who is this for?

    Sometimes birthing options change, this could be due to any number of things, but when you’ve been preparing for a certain type of experience, these changes can leave you feeling disempowered and a little off kilter. 

    It may be that an induction has been recommended and you want to better understand why, or perhaps you are opting for a scheduled c‑section birth and would like help drawing together your birth plan. Whether it’s a general session or focused on postpartum, we can cover exactly what you need in this 90 min session.

    How does it work?

    We will have a one off session together in person or online where we distill your birthing preferences into two halves. Form vs Essence. We then work to fill your birth toolkit’ with everything you may need to bring the essence through, whatever form your birth takes. Preparing you for any circumstance, as all you need is within you. 

    One-to-one bookings — £120

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  • Birth Keepers Course

    Who is this for?

    For anyone who will be attending the labour of a loved one. Perhaps you are about to become a grandparent and you’ve been asked to attend for additional support, or you’re about to become a parent and feel overwhelmed and under informed about how to support your partner through labour, whether you are their best friend, life long partner or parent, this course will give you the tools to feel calm, informed and be the best support you can be. 

    How does it work?

    We will gather online, once a week for 4 consecutive weeks, each week breaking down what happens during labour, and how you as the birth keeper can help protect that space. You will learn about positions, massage, breathing techniques, and the all important fourth trimester, so you can continue to offer support even after baby has arrived. 

    £250 — four week course

    October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th. 6:30 – 7:45pm GMT 

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