Experiencing loss is a transformative experience that is all too often left untouched. Allow yourself the space to move through the necessary feelings to find peace.

  • Loss Debrief

    Who is this for?

    Miscarriage, abortion and stillbirth are sadly life altering experiences that are often not spoken about. They carry a lot of emotional weight and we don’t always have the opportunity to express feelings after the loss. This session is an opportunity for you to express your feelings, emotions and thoughts so that we can honour them, and find peace.

    How does it work?

    We will have a 60 – 90 min session which is yours to use as you feel right. You may attend alone or with your partner. You will guide us as to how you want to use the time and space. We will open with how you want to feel, and close with any actions you can take to achieve that ongoing. 

    We will then have a follow-up meeting or phone call two weeks later.

    How much does it cost?


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