Real Talk episode 7 with Jessica Duffin

20 January 2020

Nave podcast

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Nave caught up with Jessica Duffin of This EndoLife. Jessica was diagnosed with Endometriosis and is now supporting other people with the same diagnosis.

Endometriosis affects one in ten women and there are likely many many more people who suffer without a formal diagnosis, it can take on average 7 years to have a recognised diagnosis from health care professionals and at the point of release, surgery is the most common offering. Although surgery on its own doesn’t offer a cure and can in some cases create more issues.

Jessica has turned to nutrition after noticing the effect it had on her condition. She has trained as a women’s health coach specialising in endometriosis and offers support to women 121 and via her blog and podcast. Her book This EndoLife, It Starts with Breakfast” was published in 2018.