Real Talk episode 20, with Reverend Gail Love-Schock

7 August 2020

Nave podcast

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Last week I spoke with old friend Reverend Gail Love-Schock. Gail is an interfaith minister, amongst many other wonderful things.

Whenever I have conversations with Gail, I feel like it hits straight in my heart. The conversation I didn’t even now I needed! 

We spoke about how and why Gail has found herself on this path, the work she does and her faith, theory and life experience. We touch on maidens, queens, crones, life, death, birth and even football! Not an episode to be missed.


  • Gail Love-Schock
  • Stephen Cope, The Great Work of Your Life
  • Stephen Levine, A Year To Live
  • Ana Forest, Fierce Medicine
  • Maureen Murdock, The Heroines Journey
  • Joseph Campbell, The Heros Journey
  • Bell Hooks, All above Love
  • TRASNA by Raphael Consedine