Real Talk episode 17, with Clio Wood

7 July 2020

Nave podcast

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Clio Wood is founder of And Breathe Wellbeing, writer and speaker on postnatal sex & intimacy.

Clio & I first met through a mutual friend who said we needed to have a coffee, the conversation went from a polite hello to the depths of intimate relations and all that’s in between almost immediately. Clio is opening up conversations around postnatal wellbeing from a physical, emotional and sexual standpoint. Encouraging connection and vulnerability while providing people with the space to explore that. Clio is founder of and Breathe Wellbeing, a retreat company that mirrors her personal values and provides that physical space for new families. And Breathe now offers retreats for different stages of a woman’s life from pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. 

Speaking from a personal point of view, Clio gives an honest and raw glimpse into the postnatal period and how this can affect everything from self worth to sex, but Clio is not only bringing attention to this, she’s offering support and encouragement to move through it.