Real Talk episode 16 with Jodie Cariss, The Self Space

28 June 2020

Nave podcast

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The Self Space offers good conversations with qualified people for everyday mental maintenance.

I met with founder, Jodie Cariss to talk about why she founded The Self Space, how therapy and mental wellbeing should be a part of our ongoing self-care and how the culture around seeking therapy is changing. 

Workplaces, fast paced industries and even social media platforms have been starting to destigmatise seeking support and many companies offer resilience trainings in order to support their staff from a mental and emotional standpoint. We talk about this and how vulnerability needs to sit hand in hand with resilience. How social media can be detrimental to our mental health but also how learning to implement our own boundaries are crucial, to take responsibility for our own mental wellbeing in the same way we do our physical.